Close Your Eyes With Holy Dread

Critical texts

A Hollow Action

Close Your Eyes With Holy Dread


Published on the occasion of the exhibition The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure
Texts by: Holly Childs, Jesse Darling, Andrew Durbin, Kim Gordon, Robin Hyde, Evangeline Riddiford Graham, Samuel Te Kani


Critical text series


A series of online texts in response to recent exhibitions at Artspace.

Texts by Jon Bywater, Arron Santry, Claudia Arozqueta and Elle Loui August.

Designed by Index

Available free online 


a hollow action, a room held together by letters

Following the exhibition: Andrew Kennedy, Blaine Western a hollow action, a room held together by letters, 28 November 2013-1 February 2014.
Designed by Nell May. Texts by Wystan Curnow and Caterina Riva. Images by Andrew Kennedy and Blaine Western 




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