2009 - 2011

 Cao Fei Utopia

Cao Fei Utopia
Edited by Evie Franzidis
Texts by Justin Clemins and Harold Grieves


Published on the occaision of the exhibition Cao Fei: Utopia, a joint project by the Institute of Modern Art and ARTSPACE, curated by Emma Bugden and Robert Leonard. more


 Liam Gillick, Why work?

Liam Gillick
Why work?


Art is a place where the rules of engagement are open to question. The knowledge worker also appears to challenge rules of engagement but can only do so within the production of a software or a set of new fragmented relationships. The artist can create alienated relationships without all these intricacies.more


 Ack Peter Robinson
Ack and Other Abdications

Ack and Other Abdications documents and considers the life of one sculpture, Ack – at once vast ice-flow and intestine that appeared first at Artspace in Auckland in 2006, was reworked for the Auckland Art Gallery in 2008, a showing that won the artist the Walters Prize.more
 A Brief History of Chess


Roman Mitch
A Brief History of Chess


A Brief History of Chess is a collection of games, narratives diagrams about art and chess, a thought collage. It looks to chess to provide diagrams for a kind of speculative research into the logics of games, rules, theory and play in local art practices.more





Dane Mitchell


Texts by Ariane Beyn, Aaron Kreisler, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Chris Sharp, and Dane Mitchell more.