2012 - 2013


Volume 2: Richard Maloy / Jeena Shin / Koki Tanaka / Meredith Johnson / Jim Allen / Campbell Patterson / Dave / Alicia Frankovich / Cao Fei / Liz Maw


The second publication in the Volume series covering the programme presented during the directorship of Emma Bugden (2009-2011). 

With texts by: Janine Randerson, Meredith Johnson, Tahi Moore, Guy von Strurmer, Jim and Mary Barr, and Interviews by Ellen Blumenstein and Kristin Wineera more.

 Artspace 25

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Artspace 25


A publication to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Artspace. 

Contributions by: Alterations, Tobias Berger, Brian D. Butler, Amita Kirpalani, Chris Kraus and Lara Bowen, Mary-Louise Browne, Wystan Curnow, Judy Darragh, Daniel Malone, Sandi Morrison, Caterina Riva, Marie Shannon, William Somerville more.

 NAS pt1.

 NAS pt1.


Published on the occasion of The New Artists Show part 1.

Karin Hofko

Lance Pearce

Ella Sutherland

Shannon Te Ao and Iain Frengley


Texts by: Anya Henis, Alex Davidson, Caterina Riva and Ashlin Raymond.




Hermes' lack of words


Extending certain tangents present in the exhibition Hermes' lack of words, 26 July – 31 August curated by Alex Davidson.

Contributions by: Manon de Boer, Eleanor Cooper, Alex Davidson, William Hsu, Milli Jannides, Emma Leach, Louise Menzies, Rosalind Nashashibi, Will Pollard and Evangeline Riddiford Graham.