Peter Robinson

Ack and Other Abdications

'Ack and Other Abdications' documents and considers in depth and tangentially the life of a sculpture. 'Ack' – at once a vast unwieldy ice-flow, a variety of comic formations and a bodily presence, which asks to reconsider the boundaries of our physical orientation and those of the surrounding architecture. 'Ack' first appeared at Artspace in 2006.

The 164-page book includes a body of unexhibited paintings, documentation of the sculpture in its various iterations and features new writing by Dan Arps, Matthew Crookes, Fiona Gillmore, John Ward-Knox, Gwynneth Porter and Laura Preston.

Peter Robinson was the recipient of New Zealand’s preeminent contemporary art prize, the Walters Prize 2008 for Ack’s presentation at Artspace.



Edited by Brian Butler
Texts by Dan Arps, Matthew Crookes, Fiona Gillmore and John Ward-Knox, Gwynneth Porter and Laura Preston
Published by Clouds and Artspace

January 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9582981-0-0

Softcover, 171 x 240 x 15mm
Colour & Black/white images

164 pages
Edition: 1000


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