Christina Read


As part of her prize as the recipient of the National Drawing Award in 2006 Christina Read has produced a limited edition artists book co-published by Artspace and The Physics Room.

For Evidence Christina Read has worked primarily with photographs. Each copy of Evidence is unique and comes in a zip-locked bag and contains a hand-tipped single-page image selected by the artist. Evidence sits somewhere between an image blog and crime fiction, it presents an uncanny range of clues as to how we might look at the world, or perhaps how it looks back at us. The book incorporates a text by writer Jon Bywater and is designed by Nicola Farquhar of Studio Ahoy.

Text by Jon Bywater
Designed by Nicola Farquhar and Christina Read
Published by ARTSPACE and The Physics Room
June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9582885-2-1 

Softcover, 229 x 162 mm
36 pages plus inserts
Edition of 500

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