Liam Gillick

Why Work?

Liam Gillick, Why work? 2009

Why work was First presented in New York as part of the Goethe Institut Wyoming Building series WHAT IS THE GOOD OF WORK? organised by Maria Lind, Director of the Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies and Simon Critchley, Chair of Philosophy at the New School. This short text comprises the presentation made by artist, Liam Gillick - who responded to Lind and Critchley alongside Professor Gianni Vattimo on January 30, 2010.


Art is a place where the rules of engagement are open to question. The knowledge worker also appears to challenge rules of engagement but can only do so within the production of a software or a set of new fragmented relationships. The artist can create alienated relationships without all these intricacies.

Books are available during the exhibition free of charge.

Published by Artspace on the occasion of the exhibition post-Office.
May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-473-16950


Soft cover, 100 x 147mm
12 images
46 pages


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