Search Help

Conducting a Basic Search:

To search for information within this site type into the Search box a word or phrase you would expect to find in the pages or properties such as the document’s name or author of interest to you. The search is across all fields and contents within the site. It does not include external documents or pages hosted on other servers linked to by this site.

Wildcard truncation - the query develop* will find all words beginning with the string ‘develop’ so the pages and documents would contain develop, develops, and development.

Phrase searching - you may search for a phrase by typing the words in consecutive order eg. website development.

For an exact match type the phrase within quotation marks eg. "website development" . Words in a phrase query must appear in document in the order entered with no intervening words.

Boolean Operators:

Using and, or, not. Use these connectors to make more specific queries:

  • website and development will identify pages and documents containing both these words in any order
  • website or development will return more pages and documents because you have broadened your search to pages and documents that contain either word
  • Searching for website not develop* will narrow the search to pages and documents containing the word market but not the word or words develop/develops/developed/development.

General Notes:

  • Search is not case sensitive
  • Search results are ordered by the number of occurrences of your search word/s
  • Search has no facility for proximity searching
  • The usual noise words e.g: it, is, the, to and single letters and numbers are filtered out.